Fat Burning Foods

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fat burning

fat burning
Foods which are referred to as fat burning foods are those which are thought to require more calories for digestion than the actual calories in the food itself. They are effective for burning off stored fat.  The best way to lose excess weight and to lose it quickly is to eat foods in this category that are satisfying but low in calories as well.

Contrary to popular belief, skipping meals does not help to lose weight. When you skip a meal, your metabolism slows down because your body thinks you are starving.  As a result it begins to store more fat. Therefore, if you incorporate these fat burning foods into your diet plan and get into a regular exercise program, you will boost your metabolism and start losing weight in no time at all.

Following are several fat burning foods

•    Vitamin C-rich fruits – fruits rich in Vitamin C are referred to as fat burners. Vitamin C dilutes fat that has been deposited in the body and makes it less likely to settle in the body. Good sources of Vitamin C are lemons, tangerines, oranges, guava, grapefruit and limes.

•    Apples – apples contain a component known as pectin.  It helps restricts the absorption of fat in the body. It also aids in the absorption of water from foods which have been consumed and helps to release deposited fat from the body. Apples also contain an antioxidant property which fights metabolic syndrome, a condition which results in excess body fat.

•    Dairy – dairy products are considered to be fat burning foods. They aid in increasing the breakdown of fat cells in the body. Consuming 3 to 4 servings of dairy products in a day may aid in the weight loss process. Overweight people who consume dairy products lose weight faster than those who don’t.

•    Nuts – nuts also help to increase the body’s ability to burn off stored fat. In addition to being very filling they are also an ideal snack.

•    Chilies – chilies are considered to be fat burning foods as they help to raise metabolism once they are consumed. The component in chilies which raises the body’s metabolic rate is called capsaicin. It is a thermogenic food which causes the body to burn fat for an extra 20 minutes after it is consumed.

•    Proteins and fiber – proteins and foods rich in fiber are the best fat burning foods. This is because protein requires much more energy to digest than other food groups. Therefore, consuming adequate amounts of protein will help to increase the body’s metabolism. A good example is lentils, which are rich in protein and high in fiber.  Lentils are very good for stabilizing blood sugar levels in the body. Other healthy protein sources considered to be fat burning foods are oatmeal, whole grains, beans and eggs.

It is great to know there are foods which, if you eat enough of them, will help you to lose weight! It is common sense that in order to lose you have to expend more calories than you consume. This is why fat burning foods are great for people who struggle with their weight. Incorporate these foods into your diet plan along with a good exercise regime and you will be surprised at how quickly you shed those extra pounds.

Lower Back Pain Treatment

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lower back pain

Many people have pain in different areas of their body including their lower back. There’s a variety of medical issues that can cause pain. You can know what to do about the uncomfortable pain in your lower back by trying to eliminate the factors that cause it, and by the length of time it’s been going on. The pain can be dealt with, and you can find a way to live with it.

There’s a lot reasons that you might be experiencing pain. The body is a complicated machine, so it might take you a lot of investigation and deduction on finding out the cause for the pain in your lower back. An acute condition is when pain erupts from your back that is sudden and usually related to an injury in the lower back. Chronic pain is found in on going medical problems that are more than likely related to disease or an injury from the past.

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Cholesterol Decreasing Drugs and vitamins

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cholesterol levels

Having an uncommonly high cholesterol level can put you at danger of developing heart issue. It will develop over years; heart disease can gradually develop as you age and if you continue to  maintain a very high cholesterol level. Lowering your cholesterol levels at the earliest time possible may enable you to live healthier for longer.

There are certain medications available in the market today that mean to minimize cholesterol levels. Statins are generally accepted as the leading cholesterol reducing medicine around andt for some has been a  fantastic help in helping with the decline of their cholesterol levels.

There are similarly cholesterol reducing drugs called bile acid sequestrants that work by binding themselves with the bile produced by the human liver. Bile is the drug that helps in the food digestion system and in the absorption of fats in the digestive system. Bile acid sequestrants prevent the advancement of cholesterol by preventing bile acid from taking in fats.

There are also vitamins that help lower cholesterol levels. Niacin is among the 8 water-soluble B vitamins that help the body change carbohydrates into glucose which is utilized in the body for energy.

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Health Benefits of Beetroot

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My friend Yollande has great skin, and there is no way of getting away from that. Ever since she was young, she has drunk fresh beetroot juice, and despite her 62 years, she has very few dark spots and hardly any wrinkles. This is just one of the many health benefits of beetroot, and I am sure that there are lots of people who can list many more of them. I have tried using beetroot recently when I suffered a joint injury which was very painful. It is claimed to help to deal with joint pain, and in my case it did just that. At least that is one beetroot health benefit confirmed.

Blood pressure and Beetroot

In Russia, and in Scandinavian countries, beetroot has been used to treat high blood pressure. My grandma swears by it, and uses it to treat my grand dad’s high blood pressure. It seems to be very effective but you need to let it build up in your system. To be honest, I am not sure what the active ingredient is which cause this positive effect, and my grand mother, a medical doctor, is not sure neither.

Perhaps it works by reducing inflammation in the arteries, just like it reduced inflammation in my ankle joint. Sometimes, we ask too many questions when we should just accept that something works. Drink the juice first thing in the morning, and you should see some positive results after a month. Be aware that it may turn your urine pink, but this is just the pink pigment passing through in your urine. It is not dangerous at all.

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10 Foods That Will Help You Lose Weight

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foods for weight loss

Are there foods out there that will help you to lose weight?

There certainly are and you will be surprised how many of them are easy to include in your diet. The fact is that we often ignore the foods that we should be eating, and instead pick up a bag of crisps. Perhaps, the low cost supermarkets should focus on promoting their healthy food ranges, instead of their crisps and juices which are loaded with salt and sugar to make them taste good.

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Lack of Focus And Memory Problems?

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memory issues

You find that you keep losing your keys, forget where you are with work projects and jump all over the place between YouTube, Facebook and real life. It’s all pretty normal as modern life can be pretty hectic. How would you know if you had a more serious underlying issue, like ADHD- attention deficit hyperactivity disorder?

Certainly the prime time for diagnosis seems to be around the late thirties and that’s really when careers and family life collide and those focusing problems can escalate as multitasking becomes the order of the day. But just because you miss appointments or forget where you placed your keys doesn’t mean you have ADHD. There could be other factors so here are few things which might be taking up all of your attention span.

Sleep Deprivation

If you are getting less than the optimum sleep then you are most likely irritable, having to deal with brain fog and have problems with day to day life. That’s all normal if you have sleep deprivation so try and get more shut eye. You should seek medical advice if you find you are always waking up half asleep and are moody and have problems staying alert. You might be suffering from a sleep disorder.


This can really hammer your concentration as it competes for space in the cognitive areas of the brain so stress and anxiety can affect the focus even more. There have been some studies which suggest that meditation can help as it teaches you to focus and block out any pesky distactions. Its not easy but meditation can help calm you as well so its certainly worth looking into. You should speak to your doctor is you have mood swings or if the stress levels are having an impact on your job or home life.

Information overload

Gone are the days when we could escape fully from life. Your iPhone, computer, ipad and cell phone are all there vying for your attention so it’s no wonder you find yourself unfocused and forgetful. Whilst your brain can help you organize, the more you stick on that head hard drive, the harder it becomes. Try with some basic organizational stuff like keeping a day planner or writing lists- yes it seems like one more thing to do but planning and lists- not on your notes on your iPhone can help you to focus more on what is important day to day. Taking a break from technology can help as well. See the medics if you feel that this state of affairs existed most of your adult life before you got on the internet or purchased that fancy new phone. iif there is an issue with your brain function you will find it difficult to jump from task to task without being easily pulled off in another direction.

So that is three easily understood reasons why your memory and focus might be disturbed and three solutions. The chances that you might be suffering from something more serious are low but if you are really concerned then do see your doctor. If however you try and get more sleep, try and relax or use meditation or cut down on your use of technology from time to time that will certainly help.

Anti Aging Eye Creams

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Over time, our bodies lose their youthful nature through the process of aging. This aging is characterized by many things. One of the most distinct characteristics of aging is wrinkled skin. Wrinkles in the skin are caused by the skin getting tired and losing its elasticity. As a result, we can develop wrinkles in areas such as under the eyes and at their sides too. The latter is known as crow’s feet. These wrinkles are very unpleasant to touch and to look at too. Thankfully, there are anti aging eye creams that one can apply to reduce and eventually eradicate these wrinkles. Read on for a full description of these wonder creams.

Strivectin SD Eye Concentrate

This is an anti-aging eye cream that will eradicate those annoying crows feet that form at the sides of your eyes. They have an active ingredient known as niacin. When you apply this cream on your wrinkles, the active ingredient immediately begins to repair the DNA in the skin that has been deteriorated by aging and environmental conditions. This cream also contains peptides. They build and make the skin firm again. Not only does Strivectin SD contain these ingredients, it also contains caffeine. This will reduce the puffing under the eyes and leave a flat supple surface. This cream will properly moisturize the skin under the eyes and leave them looking decades younger.

Prevage Eye Advanced Anti-aging Serum

This cream makes use of antioxidant ingredients to reduce and fully eradicate the wrinkles around your eyes. The cream contains idebenone. This is a strong antioxidant that prevents the effects of free radicals on the skin around the eyes. It also contains soy protein. This is an ingredient that will soften the wrinkles and make the skin firm again. In addition to that, this cream contains a tetrapeptide ingredient. This special ingredient lifts the skin under your eyes and makes it firmer. Prevage anti-aging serum works by rebuilding the content of collagen under and around your eyes. This restores the suppleness and firmness of the skin and restores its youth. It is also a moisturizer that will keep your skin soft and smooth all day.

Shiseido Future Solution LX

Easily one of the most effective anti-aging eye creams in the market, Shiseido contains synthetic polymers that actively fill in the fine wrinkles. Moreover, they make the skin firmer and more supple. This cream contains natural extracts from various plants. These help by promoting the production of hyaluronic acid in the skin. This is the nutrient that keeps skin young and soft. Shiseido future solution LX contains antioxidants that improve the skin by forming a protective and stimulating layer over it. This layer lifts the skin naturally and promotes its overall youth and firmness. It is quite a thick cream. As such, you should warm it a bit before application. After this process, it becomes soft and easy to apply. The greatest benefit of this cream is that it can be applied under the makeup.

Eyetality Morning And Evening Total Eye Care

This eye cream comes as a kit with two jars of cream. One jar contains eye cream to be applied in the morning and the other contains eye cream to be applied in the evening. These creams work together to eradicate wrinkles and eliminate the puffiness under the eyes. Moreover, they can be applied on the eye lashes to make them full and thick as well. Each type of cream has its unique active ingredients. The morning cream contains antioxidants. These are combined with caffeine and they tighten the skin and make it firm. The evening cream contains special ingredients known as peptides. These ingredients can increase the length and thickness of the eyelashes. These anti aging eye creams are very sensitive and will not irritate the skin or the eyes when applied. Moreover, they are thick and can be applied nicely on the skin to promote its youthful feel.

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Complex

Estee Lauder have presented an anti-aging eye cream that contains chronolux technology. This technology promotes the natural repair of the skin cells in the body. It does this by producing enzymes that fight against wrinkles. These enzymes go along with the natural sleep cycles of the body. Thus, they really do help you achieve quality beauty sleep every single night. This cream contains hyaluronic acid which inserts the active enzymes right into the skin. It is a silky cream

How To Get Rid Of Cold Sores At Home

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Cold sores are not amusing and having them would drive anyone crazy. Cold sores are a viral infection caused by the herpes simplex virus (HVS). They normally begin with a burning sensation around the area of your mouth. Eventually they manifest themselves as tiny blisters on the lips or around the mouth. Having cold sores should not bring your life to a halt. This is because there are numerous treatment options ranging from natural home remedies, over the counter drugs, and medications prescribed by a doctor.

Natural Home Remedies For Cold Sores

Try out vanilla extracts

Vanilla extract is a great antiviral as well as an anti-inflammatory. Using it will help lessen the severity of the infection. Its anti-inflammatory properties also ensure swelling is reduced. What makes it work better is the fact that the alcohol component in it makes it almost impossible for the virus to survive.

Vanilla is best used as soon as you start feeling the burning sensation that comes prior to the lesions. Take a cotton swab and then dip it into vanilla, then apply on to the sore. You can leave the swab on the sore for a few minutes.


Milk has immunoglobulins which are anti-bodies that fight the herpes virus. Take a cotton ball then soak it into milk, after that use the cotton to compress directly on the area affected by the sore cold. On the other hand just drinking whole milk can help relieve you of cold sores. This is because it is loaded with l-lysine which helps inhibit the action of arginine. Arginine is an amino acid that is known to cause an outbreak of cold sores.

Tea tree oil

Still wondering how to get rid of cold sores at home? Grab that precious tea tree oil. Tea tree oil is a great medicine especially when trying to clear skin blemishes. It has both antiseptic and anti-viral properties. What it does best is to ensure your blisters dry out faster thereby reducing the duration of the outbreak.

Peppermint oil

Peppermint oil works best as soon as the lesions have manifested themselves. This is because it only kills viruses that have come outside the skin. Ensure the oil is natural, mixing it with a little water will help reduce its irritation. First clean you’re the surface of the cold sore with water. Dip a cotton swab into the oil and apply onto the affected area. Repeat this two times a day until you get to feel better.


Licorice is known to relieve inflammation and pain. Its major ingredient is glycyrhizic acid which effectively fights off the herpes simplex virus. Based on all these properties licorice speeds up the healing of cold sores and relieves discomfort. Mix licorice powder or root extract then apply and let it stay through the night.

Take Over The Counter Medications

Petroleum jelly

You cannot make petroleum jelly on your own but can purchase it without a doctor’s prescription. It contains emollients that help soften the skin thereby protecting the already affected area from infections. This helps your cold sore to heal faster.


Alcohol is a drying agent which works best when the cod sore first appears. It dries out the lesion and keeps at bay any infection. Any infection will definitely prolong the time it takes for your cold sore to heal.

Hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is something that every sensible person should have at home. It keeps the area clean by disinfecting it and prevents the cold sore from spreading.

Get an anti-viral cream

Anti-viral creams work best when used as soon as the cold sore stages its attack. Apply the cream frequently and consistently until you are well.

Serious Precautions You Need To Take When Trying To Get Rid Of Cold Sores

Having known how to get rid of cold sores naturally and through over the counter drugs, it’s also good to take sensible precautions.

Be careful with your toothbrush

It is advisable that you get a new toothbrush when you have cold sores. Also ensure to change your toothbrush once you are better. This is another way of preventing repeat outbreaks because there is no better way to spread the virus other than through your toothbrush.

Keep your hands off the affected area

It might be tempting to touch the blisters but don’t. Our hands normally carry germs which may trigger an anti-bacterial infection. Also touching the affected area may cause the infection to spread widely across your body.


Cold sores can be prevented and even treated. However it is important that you work towards prevention rather than look forward to treatment. When handling cold sores at home, make sure you maintain high levels of hygiene. If the infection persists even after numerous weeks of treatment then see a medical practitioner.

What is Gastritis?

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Gastritis is an inflammation, erosion or irritation occurring on the lining of the stomach. Usually, the stomach lining is strong enough for withstanding alcohol, acidic and spicy foods and any other foods that cause problems. However, usage of certain medications like aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs, or chronic vomiting or excessive consumption of alcohol can cause irritation on the lining of the stomach.

The Causes of Gastritis Include:

Helicobacter pylori: This is a kind of bacteria that lives in the mucous layer of the stomach. If not treated properly, this can cause infections and can further lead to ulcers. In some people, this can also lead to stomach cancer.
Pernicious anaemia: This is a form of anaemia which occurs when there is a deficit if a natural occurring substance that is needed to properly digest and absorb the B12 vitamin.
Bile Back flow: When the contents of duodenum flow back into the stomach, the bile present in the intestinal fluids causes irritation on the stomach lining.
Infections caused due to viruses and bacteria.

Symptoms of Gastritis:

Many symptoms of gastritis might go unnoticed by the person having them. One of the main symptoms of gastritis is having a pain in the center of the stomach towards the upper portion. Other symptoms of gastritis are :
– vomiting and nausea
– Bulging and gas
– Loss of appetite and weight loss

Vomiting caused due to gastritis might contain blood. Immediate medical attention should be sought out when blood is found in the vomits. There are two major types of gastritis:
1) Acute Gastritis
2) Chronic Gastritis

Acute Gastritis: Acute Gastritis may not produce any major symptoms but there can be noticeable features like lack of appetite, nausea or vomiting. Occasionally, it can turn severe enough to cause bleeding in the intestines. Most of the cases resolve all by themselves but to exclude other conditions such as peptic ulcer disease or cancer might need biopsy or endoscopy.

When endoscopy is conducted, the mucous layer might appear swollen or reddened. There may be even small breaks on the lining which include tiny bleeding areas. All these changes are often confined to the part of the stomach and they don’t appear anywhere near the small intestine. Any other tests would not be required unless an alternative condition is expected. Generally, no other therapy might be required. Short courses of acid-suppressing drugs, antacids or any drugs for nausea might be recommended. Over use of Ibuprofen or aspirin can erode the mucous layer. This state is referred as erosive gastritis.

Chronic Gastritis: It is an extremely common condition and is a result of the infection caused by Helicobacter pylori. Close to 40-50% of the world’s population are affected by the time they reach fifty. In majority of these cases, biopsies of the stomach might show little signs of chronic gastritis but generally it produces no symptoms and the patient is not aware of this situation.

Chronic Gastritis occurs when the body’s immune system attacks the cells that secrete acids. In the medical language, this is referred as auto-immune disease and its reasons are unknown to the medical world. As the stomach’s ability to secrete acids is now lost, over the years the inflammation of the mucous lining may continue. The ability of secreting the intrinsic factor is also lost, that is necessary for absorption of the important vitamin, B12. Deficiency of B12 leads to a condition called pernicious anemia, indicating the decrease in red blood cells. This condition is confirmed by conducting blood tests which reveal the low level of B12. Further investigations might be conducted and regular injections are given to replace the vitamin B12. Whereas nothing can be done for the restoration of acid secretion and the risk of stomach cancer might be increased with prolonged pernicious anemia.

Chronic gastritis if left untreated, results in a condition called metaplasia where the erosion of the mucous lining is not replaced by normal tissue. This causes severe damage to the stomach lining.

Diagnosis of Gastritis:

Gastritis is normally diagnosed by conducting biopsy of the stomach. This is conducted by and endoscopic examination popularly known as EGD. To detect Helicobacter pylori, additional blood tests are required.

General Treatment of Gastritis:

Controlling the level of acid in the stomach is one basic way to deal with gastritis. When the condition is less severe, antacids are used to neutralize the acids in the stomach. When the symptoms are more severe, proton-pump inhibitors may be required. These are the medications with the main purpose being the reduction of acid in the stomach for a long time. To eliminate Helicobacter pylori, antibiotics are used generally.