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What Is Diverticulitis?

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Diverticulitis is a common disease which happens often to the elderly when the large intestine wall becomes weak, forming sac-like pouches into the intestines. We call these pouches diverticulum or diverticula if there are many. If these become infected due to feces trapped in there, it’s called diverticulitis. However diverticulitis not only happens to the elderly depending on the state of your intestines.
Often it shows no symptoms and is mistaken for a stomach bug or something else. Some of the symptoms are stomach cramps, constipation, diarrhea, sore stomach when touched, fever, nausea, bloating and wind which are common symptoms for a lot of health issues so it can go unnoticed for some time.
However it’s not good to let it go on because it can lead to fistulas (one organ having an opening into another), holes in the colon, narrowing in intestines and abscesses.

Helping Clear Diverticulitis

Diet changes are very important to aid in treating this and if it becomes really bad then a course of antibiotics for the infection or surgery may also be necessary.
If you have diverticulitis then you should avoid peas, popcorn, dried fruit and certain grains. Soup is good to add to the diet as it is easier to digest than many other foods and you are still getting the nutrition. Similarly, foods that are warm are easier to digest than cold food, cold drinks and raw foods.
Assessing how your digestion is working is important. Chinese medicine considers warm food and drinks easier on the digestive system so why not give that a try. Ironically Chinese medicine considers its cause is due to too much heat in the body and large intestines.
I cannot emphasise enough how important it is to take digestive enzymes, and not laxatives or excess fibre drinks. You do not want to push the bowels. You want to increase your metabolism and digestion. These are two different things and work differently and many people do not take note of this difference. It is very important. Pushing the bowel can lead to all sorts of illnesses in later life.
Remember also if you have ongoing bowel problems for a huge part of your life that this is not going to disappear overnight. Give your system time to develop new habits and give yourself time to make the diet and exercise changes. Don’t give up just because progress seems slow.
Remember also to look for parasites in the bowel. Many of us have these without realizing it. Your natural therapist will be able to aid you with what to take to clear your bowels of these problems.
Changes in both diet and exercise will often help with the symptoms and remember to drink enough water. Also colon irrigation is a great way to rid the bowel of the toxins and mucus it has accumulated. However you need to consult a specialist in this area before you think of doing that. Acupuncture can help with changing how the metabolism and digestion works and a supervised detox by a qualified natural therapist will help your bowel and digestion get some semblance of normality. As always it’s important to do research and follow whichever modality works best for you.

The Health Properties Of Bees And Their Honey

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Bees travel daily for miles to collect pollen from hundreds of flowers. Bee pollen consists of vitamins, amino acids, fatty acids, minerals, bioflavonoids like rutin, and many enzymes. In addition to pollen, bees provide propolis, royal jelly, and of course, honey.
Flower pollen seems to be antibiotic in nature and is implicated in increasing athletic performance, reducing alcohol cravings, and helping prostate symptoms. Bee pollen is also positively associated with cell health. Bee pollen and the honey and bee products that contain it have shown to treat allergies. Taken initially in small amounts, the allergy sufferer builds up a tolerance to the allergens in the pollen and thus increases their immunity to local pollen. This works if the bee product is local or regional in nature. In other words, if you live on the west coast of the United States, get wild honey or bee pollen produced by those hives, not from somewhere far away. You want exposure to the local pollens from the local hives since the local pollen is what is irritating your allergies and causing a reaction. The small exposure to the bee pollen, which is built on over time, works in the same way that allergy shots work. You can also take bee pollen capsules before meals about 4-6 weeks before hayfever season.
Propolis is a tar like substance created from leaf resin which the bees use to protect and seal their hives from bacteria and fungi. This substance is bioflavonoid rich and is also antiviral, antifungal, and antibacterial. It is in many ways nature’s universal antibiotic. This substance taken orally can help with a cold or throat irritation, or problems with your respiratory tract. It can also be soaked in alcohol and applied to periodontal pockets or cold sores.
Royal jelly is food for the queen bee. She grows huge and produces many thousands of eggs, and her lifespan is many times longer than the average bee. It also shores up her immune system with hormone like substances and immunity enhancers. It is also B vitamin rich and is great for your immune system.

Raw honey contains many of these substances previously mentioned, and is great for your overall health. Raw honey is a superior sweetener and seems to be okay for some type II diabetics to consume. You want raw rather than processed honey because it still contains the natural enzymes and is usually capped with propolis and pollen. Raw honey is available online and in many health food stores.
Natural bee products can be utilized for improved health in a variety of ways, and all while supporting bee keepers and their hives. Remember to use regional bee products if you are looking to treat hay fever and other allergies, and remember to never give honey to children under a year to a year and a half old, since their stomach acid is not strong enough to kill the botulinum spores that can cause botulism, which can be fatal.
Bees not only provide crucial pollination for much of the food supply, but they also provide a wealth of still little understood health enhancers that science is only recently beginning to discover and document. The bee is truly proving to be not only the master pollinator, but nature’s doctor.

What Is Bursitis?

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Bursitis can be a painful condition in which the bursae, small fluid-filled pads that act as cushions among muscles around the joints and the tendons and bones, are affected. Bursitis occurs as a result of inflammation of the bursae. The elbow, hip and shoulder are the most common areas for bursitis. However, bursitis can also occur in the base of the big toe, the heel and the knee can also be affected by bursitis. Often, joints that perform repeated motion frequently can also be affected by bursitis. To treat bursitis, the affected joint has to be rested and protected from further trauma. In a majority of cases, it takes a couple of weeks of proper treatment for bursitis pain to go away, but it is common to experience recurrent bursitis flare-ups.

Symptoms of Bursitis

Those suffering from bursitis usually experience the following symptoms in the affected joint:
– Achy or stiff feeling in the join
– More pain when the joint is pressed on or moved
– The joint looks red and swollen

Causes of Bursitis

Repeated positions or motions that result in irritation of the bursae around a joint are the most common reasons bursitis occurs, such as:
– Lifting something over the head or throwing a baseball repeatedly
– Leaning on the elbows for long periods of time
– Prolonged kneeling, for tasks such as scrubbing floors or laying carpet
– Prolonged sitting, especially on hard surfaces
Bursae at the elbow and knee are more prone to puncture injuries due to lying just beneath the skin, which can lead to septic bursitis or infection of the bursae. Continue reading..

Fat Burning Foods

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Foods which are referred to as fat burning foods are those which are thought to require more calories for digestion than the actual calories in the food itself. They are effective for burning off stored fat.  The best way to lose excess weight and to lose it quickly is to eat foods in this category that are satisfying but low in calories as well.

Contrary to popular belief, skipping meals does not help to lose weight. When you skip a meal, your metabolism slows down because your body thinks you are starving.  As a result it begins to store more fat. Therefore, if you incorporate these fat burning foods into your diet plan and get into a regular exercise program, you will boost your metabolism and start losing weight in no time at all.

Following are several fat burning foods Continue reading..