Homeopathic HCG For Weight Loss

You may be looking to lose weight and seeking a risk free way of doing so quickly with a method that works. If so then you could do worse than look at hcg ultra which is available online and is a homeopathic variant of hcg which has been around in an injectable format for many years.

The discovery of hcg as a weight loss aid was made in the nineteen fifties by a Dr Simeon who used it with great success in his more obese patients and that form of hcg has been available now for many years. A more recent method which has been gathering good reviews is hcg ultra and this appears to be one of the leading brands on the market.

Hcg is a hormone secreted by pregnant women and Dr Simeon discovered that combined with a low calorie diet, this worked to reduce weight in the obese, Originally this was by use of injection but the more attractive use for many lies in homeopathic hcg and this is what HCG ultra is. Dr Simeon injected hcg directly into the bloodstream but the same effect has been found from ingesting hcg ultra diet drops.

According to many of the hcg ultra diet reviews, this process combined with the low calorie diet seems to work very efficiently and fast. Some people come to this diet in desperation as nothing else appears to have worked for them. The results for some have been remarkable and seeing quick effects gives folk the confidence to continue and see increased results. Patently the confidence boost of losing weight quickly gives you the push to continue and that is probably where the results get even better and accounts for some of the reviews. It is much easier to build on something than to start from scratch and once the momentum is gained it seems to be much easier to lose weight both physically and mentally.

Buying HCG Ultra is simple but there are three plans to chose from and you may want to take a look at those before you make your decision. The first is a 15 day plan and that actually will work out more expensive if compared with the thirty day plan and considerably more expensive if you look at the price and the add ons with the 60 day plan. The thirty day plan gives savings of around 30 percent and the 60 day gives a 60% saving. In addition, there is a money back guarantee. The fifteen day plan gives you a weight loss tracker and a custom plan. You get the same on the thirty day plan and a free bottle of hcg ultra. On the sixty day plan there are two free bottles, a supply of vitamin B12 which is a advisory supplement and a free bottle of an appetite suppressant. You also get a free pedometer as exercise is recommended on this regime and free delivery. With the money back guarantee, you should look at the sixty day plan if you have a fair amount of weight to lose, as this offers the best value for money.